Solari: Ajax is a tough opponent

Solari wants success

He had a difficult start but Madrid is back. So Solari is all smiles now. But he warns:

“Ajax is a dynamic team with many good players. It will be be difficult match. Ajax lost some points in the competition, but that is because the opponents played well. Everybody at Madrid contributed to the good results, but in the end the players are decisive. Our captain Ramos is a great player with a good character. I’m glad to have good players. Marcelo is also a good player. we will see if he will play tomorrow.

Ajax is a tough opponent but Madrid can beat any team. I hope to see a good Madrid.”


Belgium goal keeper of Madrid

Real Madrid wants to win all competitions. Ajax is a strong team. This year Ajax bought experienced players like Blind & Tadic. They showed that against Bayern Munchen. It will be a difficult game. We have to give everything.

We had a bad period, but now we are playing well and we see that are opponents fear us more. We are playing more offensively now, we are pressing high. That’s a bit risky, but pressing high makes us stronger.

It’s possible to win the Champions League again. But we have a long way to go for it. For now we think about tomorrow. Ajax was unlucky the last couple of games but Onana is a very good keeper.

I support the VAR. Sometimes you are lucky, sometimes not with the VAR. But it will make the game and the result more honest.”

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