Pochettino & Van Bommel about the draw

Pochettino: We didn’t kill the game and we paid the price

We were much better, we took the lead but failed to kill the game. We should have scored the 3rd goal. But we didn’t. We only tried to keep possession  and were waiting for the final whistle, we were not aggressive. And when the opponent is only 1 goal down in football everything can happen. In the Champions League you have to finish the game when you have the opportunity, because anything can happen later in the game. We made 2 big mistakes. but I’m not angry at my defense or Lloris. I am the one who let’s them play and I’m responsible. We had many chances, if we had scored more as we should have done, we would have won the game. I think Lloris didn’t deserve a red card, but the referee decided otherwise and we have to deal with set backs. Now we have to win our remaining 3 games and hope for the best.


Van Bommel (PSV coach) : We are satisfied.

In our group we play against top teams. We played against a very strong team, a team who has managed to become 2nd in the Premier League. I think we can thank Lozano for the point. He is such a great player, he can produce goals out of nothing. After our lead I hoped to go into half time with a lead, I wanted to make some small changes in the dressing room for the second half. If you lead by half time, the second half becomes easier. As we didn’t succeed in that, Tottenham made things very difficult for us and took the lead when we were not organized. I made some small changes in the hope to increase our chances. Luckily Lozano showed his class and that resulted in the sending off of Lloris. That gave us a chance and luckily we scored. But Tottenham is even with a man down still a top team, we were still lucky that Kane didn’t score the winning goal.  We are in a very difficult group with top teams like Inter, Tottenham & Barcelona. In some parts of the game we can be competitive but those teams have so much quality that we depend on moments. Of course it will be very difficult to qualify for the next round of the Champions League, but we didn’t loose. We are level with the Spurs and have at least a chance to qualify for the Europa League.

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