Corrupt Cambodia, the example for neo-colonialism

Colonialism is officially something of the past. But actually it still exists, it has only changed it’s shape. Neo-colonialism exists, thanks to corrupt government officials. The globalist elite made sure that colonialism continued after the (former) colonies gained independence. The desire of leaders for money and praise enabled the globalist elite to continue their rule.

Corruption is stimulated so that colonialism can continue. Even if  leaders have good intentions when they take the power, many leaders change with time. Power corrupts and money is sweet. New nations or war ridden countries depend on the UN and other international organizations to form a functioning country. But unfortunately for the people of those countries, those organizations are in control of the globalist elite who want to minimize the will of the people. So they put their proxies and structures in place to serve them. If you promote materialism and keep the people, lazy uneducated and corrupt, colonialism will continue.

Hun Sen

A good example is Cambodia. After Vietnam invaded Cambodia and  ended the Khmer Rouge reign & terror, Hun Sen was close with Vietnam and became prime minister. He is since 1985 and is now the world’s longest-serving prime minister. First he cooperated with Vietnam, then he and his cronies embezzled international help (from EU.UN & US) and now he is profiting from Chinese money.

Hun Sen wants the Hun Sen dynasty to rule Cambodia for a long time

The prime minister/dictator is corrupt as it can be and demands his share if there is money to be made with anything.  The Hun Sen virus of extortion and corruption spread to all layers of government and society. People become civil servant to become rich and immunity for criminal activities, just like other countries in the region. You get jobs not on your merits but by bribing. Salaries are low, so they are “forced” to gain money with “creative job interpretation”. There is no rule of  law , but abuse of power is rampant. Teachers, judges, police, military, immigration and all other officials are corrupt. If you enter Cambodia be prepared to get extorted at any time at any place by a (wo)man in uniform. The airport, the museum, the border, the road etc. and if you make the mistake by doing business you pay much more.


In recent years he banned opposition, closed media outlets and put many activists and opposition members in prison. His family and his friends are occupying important positions. Unfortunately in many countries the government controls the people and not the other way. But if the government is not controlled by the people to see if it sticks to it’s mandate, the government will abuse his powers. With the help of China, the new favorite of the globalist elite, he won the 2018 “elections”. He won all the seats in parliament. After he gained absolute power, he even pardoned many opponents because he has nothing to fear any more. In the meantime his new friends from the north are transforming Cambodia into a Chinese province.

Selling to the highest bidder

Cambodians are kicked out of their land and homes for Chinese projects. Beautiful places are being destroyed, just like the beach in Sihanoukville which is now full of Chinese resorts and casinos and where local businesses have been driven out. Hun Sen gets now a lot of Chinese money, but there is not such a thing as free money. The colonial rulers want of course the control. Ultimately the Cambodians will have to pay the price.

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