The World Stupidity Cup Winner

France has won the World Cup. Time to look back. Despite the boring French, we have seen some great action & goals and plenty of surprises in Russia. While some players and teams surprised us in a positive way, some surprises were a result of  stupidity & irrational decisions caused by arrogance or low IQ. Here are the top 5 Einsteins of the tournament.

5. Özil & Gündoğan

Turkish president & strongman Erdogan manages to stay so long in power by telling the narrative that the outside world wants to destroy Turkey but that he is the only one who can save them. To keep this narrative alive he regularly creates (false) tensions with other countries & organizations. This makes him very unpopular in Europe and many other countries.

Erdogan went to London in May of this year. Özil and Gündoğan, 2 Premiere League players of Turkish origin who are playing in the German national team, made an irrecoverable mistake and visited Erdogan. Stupid move, considering the huge unpopularity of Erdogan in Germany. What made things worse, was the (hidden) racism in Germany. Podolski appeared even in a pro Erdogan TV spot. And Lothar Matthäus also visited Putin but they didn’t get much criticism. In the end, this not well thought visit, gave some an excuse to create unrest in the German team. The 5th place goes to Özil and Gündoğan

A photo that caused many problems for Özil and Gündoğan

4. Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia does not have many good players. And good foreign coaches don’t want to work there but by chance they managed to appoint a very good coach, the Dutchman Bert van Marwijk who in 2010 led Holland to the World Cup Final but lost against Spain. Van Marwijk and his assistant Marc van Bommel guided the Kingdom to the 2nd place in the qualification just 1 point behind Japan. Saudi Arabia is a puppet of the Anglo-Saxon power structure, even their religion Wahabism has been engineered in England. There is obviously no good governance and the megalomaniac Royal Family intervenes and creates chaos everywhere. That is also what happened with the national team and Van Marwijk was forced to leave and the national team was already out after 2 games.

In Saudi Arabia all roads lead to the Royal Family 

3. Joachim Löw

Joachim Löw is undisputed in Germany after he won the world cup in 2014 with the German national team (die Mannschaft). Perhaps the adoration fueled his ego too much that he thought that the rules of logic and therefore the requirements for success did not apply to him. There was no rationality and sincerity in selecting the German squad. While asked about the chances of Bayern’s keeper Ulreich who replaced Neuer, he said that Ulreich was a very good keeper and that he had a good season, but that he would stick with the keepers who had already played for Germany.

So it would be logical that also players who had played for Germany before, would be selected to the  preliminary squad. Sandro Wagner the replacement of Lewandowski at Bayern, had regular appearances for Germany in the last 2 years. So everybody expected him to be in squad. But in stead of Wagner suddenly Petersen, who had never played for Germany, was in the squad. Löw was violating his own principles.

The nomination of Neuer was also strange. Neuer had basically not played a single game for Bayern, but Löw said that Neuer was special and said he would be the 1st keeper. Nice for Ter Stegen who had a very good season with Barcelona. So not performance but Löw’s own feelings were decisive. This was of course a massive blow for the team. Why should the substitutes train hard if performance was not important and why would the settled players worry and perform if they would be playing anyway? Löw did whatever he wanted. The absence of criticism in the media was frightening. The media was more a propaganda and pr instrument.

Too long at the same job

But then comes his biggest stupidity; to send Leroy Sane, one of the best players of the Premiere League home. Undoubtedly the forward of M. City is one of the best German players, but Löw said that he preferred Brandt, an average player of B.Leverkusen, above Sane. How stupid can you be ! The whole world was stunned but Löw was sure he had made the right decision. Why would you need world class players if you have a genius as a coach?

We immediately found out what a genius Löw was at the first game against Mexico which the defending world champion Germany lost 1-0. But the most shocking came after the game when players said that Germany had not expected that Mexico would play in the counter. So the underdog Mexico would play against the World Champion and would attack and leave Germany much space & opportunity to score goals ? Of course Mexico would play defensive and strike with counters. What an idiot !!

Even Germany can not defy logic. Humiliation of Germany was the result of all this. So Löw gets the bronze medal

2. Sampaoli

Argentina always had excellent players, especially in attack & midfield. But they were not able to use the potential they had. Their successive coaches didn’t fulfill the requirements of modern football. As a result Argentina had great players but could not act as a team. Despite Maradona & Messi, they could not win the world cup after 1986.

But when Sampaoli took over as Argentina coach many had a good reason to be hopeful. Sampaoli had done great things with Chili & Sevilla. The football community had hoped that Argentina would finally play as a team and use the potential of their star players.

But just like the politicians who change and disappoint the voters after they get elected, Sampaoli changed. Good characteristics like rationality, honesty and transparency disappeared.

First strange decision was to leave Icardi out of the World Cup squad. Icardi was with 29 goals, the top scorer of the Italian Serie A, together with Immobile. But he preferred Higuain the Juve player who had scored only 16 in the Serie A and not had scored for a very long time for Argentina. What u stupidity to leave your better centre forward home and play with a striker who never scores !!

The squad for Russia did not contain many surprises. It was clear from the beginning that Argentina lacked quality in defense and midfield and they had very weak keepers. In short Messi was their best player followed by Dybala , the best player of Juventus and Aguero, the top scorer of the English champion Man. City.

The whole world was surprised not to see Dybala, the best Argentinian player after Messi, in the starting line up against Iceland. But what was more horrifying was the performance on the field. No strategy, no cohesion, not a team, every player playing for himself. Sampaoli didn’t have a plan A, let alone a plan B. His strategy “All the balls to Messi and he’ll do the the rest” Well even a child could think of that. No need to pay millions for it.

Rumors say that Messi was the real boss

But if you do not have a plan at all, the more important it gets to select the best 11. But he persistently choose not the best players. A draw against Iceland, but no Dybala. Then 3-0 humiliation by Croatia. Again no Dybala and to add insult to the injury he also takes off his top scorer Aguero after 54 minutes. By luck they are still in the race and need a win against Nigeria, but again no Aguero & Dybala. A late goal keeps them alive, but the inevitable happens against France and they lose 4-3 and are out.

If you are so stupid to keep your best players on the bench you won’t get far. Despite playing 180 minutes out of the 360, Aguero becomes their top-scorer.

Unfortunately there was more embarrassment for Argentina. Maradona was again in the spot lights as he was probably under the influence of drugs. And in the final Argentinian referee Pitana helped France with 2 goals. It is not a good idea to give important games to referees from (Latin) America & Africa. The refs there are not used to top matches, there is corruption under the refs and many referees have a weak character and this will favor the big countries as they are afraid taking decisions against big names. The beneficiaries of those decisions are of course the big rich countries.

But there is also some good news. Sampaoli didn’t resign to get additional millions. Now he’s been sacked and is satisfied with “only” 2 million USD.

1. Rubiales, Spanish Football Boss

Just as you think it can’t become more stupid some genius surprises you. The stupidity of Luis Rubiales is so obvious and clear and the consequences so disastrous, that he is the undisputed winner of the stupidity cup.

1 day before the tournament and 2 days before Spain’s first match against Portugal he sacked the Spain coach Lopetegui. Spain was besides Germany & France one of the biggest favorites. The world champion of 2010 had recovered from the disasters in Brazil & France, played very well and Lopetegui was unbeaten with Spain for 20 matches and had beaten Argentina 6-1 and France 2-0. Spain was about to get the fruits of Lopetegui’s efforts when Rubiales decided to sack him because Lopetegui had announced that he would become the Real Manager after the World Cup.

It’s true that Lopetegui had extended his contract before the tournament. But that was before Real Madrid’s coach Zidane decided to leave Madrid and Madrid was forced to find a replacement fast. When Madrid approached him, he thought this was a once in a lifetime opportunity and accepted the Real offer. Moreover it’s quite common in football that contracts are terminated.

But above all, Rubiales had to act professionally and not guide his decisions by proud and revenge. The world Cup is the biggest football event, but it is held only every 4 years. Spain was strong, playing very impressive & not losing games. This was the chance to erase the failures of the past 4 years. So you must set the conditions for success, improve your chances by keeping the successful group together. The best thing was to keep Lopetegui and deal with it later. Lopetegui should have announced his move after the World Cup, but he got afraid it would leak out and made the mistake to announce it only a few days ahead of the tournament. In other countries however the same happened but it wasn’t a problem.

Job well done, Spain already out before the tournament started

But Rubiales thinks he’s a genius, so he sacks the coach and Spain was doomed to fail. There is a reason why teams not sack coaches just before the competition. But that’s not important for him. Only the Rubiales show is important. The events show that there is no professionalism but an abundance of emotions in Spain. Now The Spanish Federation misses also the compensation from Real for the release of Lopetegui.

Then in a genius move he appoints Hierro, the former Real Madrid player, to show that he has nothing against Real. There were of course almost no trainers who wanted to take over Spain, just 1 day before the tournament because failure was certain. Only Hierro who previously had failed as a coach was willing and since he was already working at the football association he became the “coach”.  All the players and staff were chosen by Lopetegui. Then comes a incompetent coach who perhaps favors different players, but is not able to change the squad anymore. Of course he failed miserably. The team was in shock, the players had no self confidence, there was no game plan, no motivation, players underperformed etc. The team was a disaster. They managed to survive the group with luck but stranded in the next round, as expected.

By the way, Rubiales has now appointed Luis Enrique as the Spain manager, a man who is hated at Real. That’s of course also very smart, to enrage the biggest supplier of players. Luis Rubiales just loves problems. The only problem is that it is Spain who is going to suffer, especially now the future of Spanish football is not bright any more. The departure of Ronaldo and the aging of Messi won’t make it better.

In short Rubiales truly deserves to win “The idiot of the tournament” Cup

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