Anti-aging agent Nad+ fights diseases & boosts heart

A new study by the University of Colorado Boulder shows that the anti aging agent, Nad+ also fights diseases, like cardiovascular diseases. The anti-aging agent does that by mimicking caloric restriction (CR) and kick-starting the same key chemical pathways responsible for its health benefits.

Heart loves low protein diet

How does NAD+ work?

The study led by Prof Doug Seals found that Nad+ supplementation improves blood pressure and arterial health, particularly in those with mild hypertension. NAD+ activates sirtuins (enzymes). Sirtuins not only repair DNA damage but also create the beneficial effects of calorie restriction. Nad+ is involved in metabolic processes throughout the body, but it declines with age.

Last year a study by the University of Iowa also concluded: Emerging Potential Benefits of Modulating NAD+ Metabolism in Cardiovascular Disease

Various studies have also shown that Nad+ fights diabetes, obesity, heart diseases, muscle diseases, eye diseases and neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Moreover, it keeps cholesterol levels at a healthy level and reduces nerve damage.

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