Big Tech is enslavement

The most effective way to destroy your enemies is the Trojan Horse tactic. If your enemy embraces your weapons as beneficial, they will, unknowingly, commit suicide and “destroy” themselves. Big Tech companies, like Google, Microsoft and Facebook, want to limit privacy and human rights all over the world. They present tools of suppression and control as innovation and fun.

The selected few behind the Big Tech know human psychology better than anyone else and abuse their knowledge to dehumanize mankind. And while billions are using their products they are getting to know the human mind even better.

Big Tech does not only collect data about human behavior but also about individual behavior. They collect sensitive data about your locations, contacts, thoughts, political views and other preferences etc. No doubt they will use these data against you, whenever it suits them.

Notifications create addiction and disturb our peace of mind

Programmed addiction

Big Tech wants you to spend much time on their services. With reminders and other tricks they manipulate you to spend hours using their products. They don’t only have a financial and economical motive for that. The social engineers also want to disrupt and alter normal human behavior.

“Divide and rule” is the tactic of the few to rule over the masses. By pushing the people in isolation with tech addiction, they’re successfully dividing the crowds. The rest is routine.

Not only the users get fooled

In order to do that Big Tech companies use skilled & well educated employees. Many think that they are doing a good job, enriching life and helping humanity. That’s what they have been told by those famous Big Tech companies. Only a few are aware of the ill intentions of the companies, but they prefer money over decency. Add up the programmed need to make a career, and there you have it; a skilled and hardworking, but deceived workforce, promoting the destruction of human body & soul.

Recently a few ex employees finally admitted that Facebook, Google, Twitter and Microsoft create tech addiction which could cause mental en physical problems such as sleep disruption, poor academic performance, superficiality, anxiety, depression, obesity, social isolation and suicide.

Tech addiction; everybody feels the consequences

But you actually don’t need their confession to see that fact. Using your consciousness, brains and observation skills can be very useful. A bit of common sense and a walk in any city is enough to see that many are addicted to tech. The zombies live in an artificial reality. Hordes of people are walking on the streets, sitting in buses and trains and doing other things while their eyes are glued to the screens and they not realize what is going on around them. In short, they are not living, they are in an artificial world.

The addicts are on a suicide mission, destroying their own soul, health, character, social skills and even their intelligence with their dependence on technology. Technology can be a tool to help us, but if it becomes a goal, just like other means, than it becomes unfortunately harmful. It can only serve us when we control the tool and use as long as it useful to us.

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