Trump making China great again (2)

In the previous post Common Sense showed that the privileged few made Trump president to destroy the anti-establishment and the conservatives/Christians. Now it is time to look at the international context and the bigger picture.

Attaining global power

The global elite rules behind the scenes, through proxies. By not being in the public eye, they manage to create the image that they are not interested and not intervene in world affairs. In doing so they don’t make many enemies. In theory others run the world. When things go wrong their proxies take the hits and have to disappear. Then they will be replaced by other puppets. The proxies change, but not the powers behind the puppets. This allows them to achieve their long term plans.

First they controlled England and used England to rule the world. After the second World War they made America the new Superpower and controlled the world with the United States. They used the military, technological, scientific, economic power etc for their own interests not for the interests of America. When they decided for war, they didn’t go fight themselves, they sent the US army. The patriotic Americans thought they were fighting for America and thier values but they were in fact fighting for the elite. Nationalism is a good tool to abuse the good intentions of people. Along the way, to keep the people satisfied, they made America(ns) rich too.

President or Chairman Trump ?

China’s turn

America got rich and powerful but also unpopular in the world. And Americans became decadent, lazy and not so enthusiastic anymore. As always the parasites decided to attack their host at a certain in the future, once they saw an other potential host; China. Communist China, the role model for the world, had the potential to become the new superpower. Chinese are hard working, money loving, not critical and extremely obedient. But the elite can not simply say and make China the new superpower. That would be treason. They do it covertly and indirectly, by weakening America and supporting China.

First they freed China from the shackles and opened up the country slowly. Then the elite transferred technology, knowledge, capital and know how to their favorite country. At the same time many Chinese were allowed to study in the West. Big companies moved to China, citing low wages as excuse. All this made China economically stronger. While the West was busy with the so called war on terror and Russia, the elite made China stronger. America and many other countries bought in huge numbers Chinese products, resulting in huge trade deficits. Didn’t those countries know they were making China stronger? Of course they did, but that was the plan.

As a result of the planned destruction, many economic problems emerged in America. People really thought that the wars were about to bring democracy and peace to other regions. In fact these wars had the aim to protect the interests of the elite. Since they were operating from America, they also indirectly benefited America.

False promises

And there he was: Trump, the prince on the white horse. He promised them everything. Trump would make America great again. One of his promises was that he would immediately declare China a currency manipulator and that he would take action against China to protect the American economy from unfair competition. But once he was in office he “forgot” many of his promises. No surprise, because it is the plan to make China the sole superpower.

Not only that, he immediately withdraw from the Trans-Pacific Partnership and handed Asia over to the Chinese. How does Trump think to make America great again if America can not export his products? He is also withdrawing from important international organizations (under the control of the elite) where China is taking over the role of the US. The elite and the big companies will find a way to flourish under China too. They will move elsewhere or do something else. The richest of the world are not bound by states, religion and race. They won’t loose but America will.

Downfall inevitable?

Under Hillary, China would probably also become the new superpower, but less faster and easier. If you are going to betray your country, you will of course not tell that you’re going to tell it. You’re going to manipulate the crowds that your traitorous solution is the best for them. Then they can’t blame you. Or you will blame others, say that you had good intentions but made a mistake or say that the outcome was inevitable.

Trump is for America what Gorbachev was for the Soviet Union. No wonder he is popular in China. But how long can China enjoy it’s role as the superpower? The robots are coming and the elite prefers them over humans. But lets not forget something, the “elevated ones” may make plans, but they too are humans. Their plans are not flawless and their power is not unlimited. It is in our hands whether they succeed or not.

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