Trump chosen to destroy conservatives and anti-establishment? (1)

People in America and in the Western World were for a long time obedient followers of the government, its institutions and the media. But the 2008 financial crisis and the many endless wars and interventions changed the mood. Many people lost their houses and jobs. As dissatisfaction spread, Internet allowed anti-establishment sentiments to spread.

The current anti-establishment mood was by no means a surprise for the elite. They know the history, the psychology of mankind and the effects of modern technology on human behavior. The chosen ones saw it coming and knew that their actions would cause a backlash. And with the digital age it is much easier to predict behavior not only of individual persons but also of masses.

As they knew the populations were getting more dissatisfied, it is unthinkable that they have not taken preventive measures to protect their power. One way to maintain their power is to control all parties and movements. Whoever wins, the elite wins too. So they are always winning because they also control the so called anti establishment movements with insincere leaders.

Trump at ASEAN, between (mass) murderers, dictators and thieves

Throughput the history, disappointed and desperate people have turned to the prince on the white horse who promised better times. If you want to win an election in bad times, tell people what they like to hear, no matter how unrealistic the promises are. That is how many campaign leaders and politicians are thinking. Many people lost their homes and jobs and felt that America was losing power. So they voted for the man, who they believed, would make America great again.

Political charade

The bigger the lie, the more people will believe it. People were angry at politicians and the establishment, afraid for the future and desperate for easy solutions. Along came Trump, a successful businessman who claimed to be against the elite, spoke the language of the people and and gave them hope. But what the voters didn’t realize was that he too was a representative of the establishment. Can an anti-establishment figure make huge amounts of money during many years? No, you need the establishment to make that amount of money. And can he be elected by the GOP to be the candidate of the Republican Party? Of course not.

Trump was also in the past a Democrat. But he got orders from the elite to lead the anti-elite camp, a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Proof? Look how the elite helped him during the elections. People wanted to deal a blow to the establishment by electing an anti-establishment President. Trump profiled himself as anti-elite. To help him to profile him as anti-establishment, “members” and supporters of the establishment attacked Trump. With these kind of attacks he managed to create an anti-establishment image. With every attack his popularity increased.

Do the chosen ones not know this? Of course they do. And what’s more they even continued the verbal attacks even after his popularity rose with each attack. So there can only be one conclusion: The attacks were meant to help Trump. But why would the elite help a candidate who is threatening their interests? Because Trump is their man too. The whole elections are a charade. Both candidates are working for the elite. But to give the people the illusion of a choice, this big charade is held every 4 years.

Final blow

That can be said of all candidates and presidents, but from the outside they appeared in harmony with the establishment. But what makes Trump special is that he, as the leader of the anti-elite, is chosen to destroy the anti-establishment movement with his stupidity and childish behavior. But he is also the one who will harm the conservative, Christian part of society. Trump considers himself as a conservative Christian, but the behavior of the groping and shouting President, is lewd, anti-Christian, rude, childish, insincere and idiotic. By automatically defending Trump and not the anti-establishment and conservative values they are adopting Trump’s values and destroying their own values. (irrationality, insincerity, lack of respect, hallucinative , inconsistency, selfish, megalomaniacal etc)

The anti-elite and the conservatives will be associated with these kinds of negativity. He is the Trojan horse which the conservative and anti-establishment groups welcomed with open arms. The elite is not stupid, otherwise they would not be able to control the world for such a long time. They pretend to have lost to destroy the enemy from within with Trump.

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