Live at the countryside to avoid pollution, the biggest killer

According to a new study pollution caused in 2015, 16% of all deaths globally (around 9 million premature deaths). That is 15 times more than wars and other violence. It kills more people than smoking, hunger and natural disasters. The researchers analyzed the the impacts of pollution (air, soil, water, occupational) and the economic costs. Pollution causes many diseases and disorders. It kills mainly the poor and children. It also reduces the learning skills of the children. The good news is that it is preventable.

Nature good for health and happiness 

Many factories have moved from America and Europe to cheap labor countries. This led to a big loss of jobs. On the other hand, it made pollution less and improved the health. India, China, Pakistan and Bangladesh have the highest pollution-related deaths. As pollution in the West has decreased, the health has improved. The people are now also living longer.

Pollution less at countryside

The pollution in a country is not everywhere the same. There is a big difference between living in the city and living at the countryside. Near nature, there is less pollution, radiation and stress. People living at the countryside are healthier and live longer. Despite the desire to force people into cities it pays off to live at the countryside.

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