Hot weather leads to more crime

Weather plays a very important role in our lives. It influences all aspects of society; agriculture, environment, food, business, how we dress, how we feel, etc. But it also affects areas which we didn’t give much thought to. Luckily scientists are studying the less obvious links. A study by the Drexel University has proven that violent crime and disorderly conduct increases with hot weather.

Memory overload !

The researchers conclude: “Overall, crime rates were highest in the warmest months of the year — May through September — and highest on the hottest days.” They believe that social behavior is the cause for this. When temperatures are low people stay indoors. but when temperatures are high people like to go outdoors and have a good time. And this creates a greater risk for crime.

Crime-Hot weather

Crime related to temperatures in Chicago. Source: Chicago Crime Data

But social behavior at comfortable temperatures are not the only reason. When it get’s comfortable or hot, we are also more easily seduced to have a good time. But if you don’t have the means to enjoy yourself, you might try to get it by crime. And with good weather there are more opportunities for it.

And at the same time people who want to enjoy life often can not fully assess the consequences of their behavior. The deterrent effects of punishment diminish. They think less and have less self control. This is probably one of the reasons why undeveloped countries have usually warm weather. Hot weather not only makes learning more difficult but also working and it also stimulates crime. When the weather is bad the option to go outdoors is less attractive, so people do more useful things.  According to scientists not only crime, but culture in general is affected by climate It might not be easy, but try to be more careful when you have the highest risk of becoming a victim of (violent) crime, namely when the weather is hot.

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