Industrial farming destroying our health, soil and food

An apple now is not the same any more as an apple from 100 years ago. The introduction of industrial farming has shifted the goal from quality to quantity, from manual labor to machine work and chemicals.The farmers were the first one to experience the negative effects of industrial farming. Working with chemicals, pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers, farmers were exposed to a high level of dangerous substances. Not only in the United States but everywhere where industrial farming is practiced, farmers, their families and their offspring face serious health challenges

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Soil & food also affected

As time passed by, all those hazardous substances had also an devastating effect on soil health. Soil has become dry and death. It can not retain water, vitamins, minerals and other valuable substances. A┬ácomparison study found out that compared to 1950, the amount of nutrition in the ground at the end of the 20th century, has dropped by 40%. The pesticides, fertilizers and chemicals had the same effect on the soil as antibiotics have on the human body. Not only destroying the “bad” substances but also the good ones, like certain bacteria.

Plants and trees get their nutrition from the soil. As the ground gets depleted, fruits and vegetables also not get the nutrition they need. So we end up eating food with less nutritional value and (if it is not organic) more pesticides and other harmful substances. That of course is damaging our health.

Depleted farm ground has also another big disadvantage; it can not soak water like a sponge. Water flows away on the surface. When it rains much, it can therefore not prevent a flooding. But what’s more important the chemical residues of industrial farming end up in the drinking water and cause health problems.

So there are many reasons why we should abandon industrial farming. But in the meantime we must eat more fruits and vegetables to get the same amount of nutrition.


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