Medication is ineffective and kills

Prescription drugs are full of dangerous substances and have many side effects. Most of the time they combat the symptoms and not the disease itself. Because of that people have to keep using medication. Their health doesn’t improve; it even deteriorates.

Deadly & ineffective

A new study shows that antidepressants drastically raise the risk of mortality. The tragic side of this is that Big Pharma “tries” to cure a mental problem with a dangerous physical solution. People who use antidepressants might have a short relief in the beginning, but in the long term the mental problem isn’t cured and because of the side effects of these medications also the physical health gets worse. As a result those depressive users get even more depressive.

The cause of depression is related to attitude, personal situation, finance, fear of death etc. If you want to solve the problem you must fight the cause. If you want to stay healthy prevention is the key. To stay healthy, avoid health hazards and obtain a healthy lifestyle.

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