Facebook: for tyrants against people, for enslavement against freedom

Big tech corporations like Google, Facebook and Microsoft are founded by the powerful of the world. Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg are just fronts. The elite rules behind the scenes. They don’t like public roles because when something goes wrong, the proxy receives the hits and they stay out of picture. To make this sham credible they even invent fairy tales how these men started small but became very successful by working. So work hard (and serve us) is the message.

Big tech corporations have an agenda

These tech companies are instruments for their agenda to limit privacy and human rights all over the globe. They will gladly sell you out for a couple of bucks, even when you are the victim of ethnic cleansing. Facebook is now censoring the posts of victims of genocide who are describing the atrocities. So not only opinions but also reporting about events is being censored by Facebook. On the other hand the military and the government have still a Facebook account where they defend their actions. Facebook is also regularly censoring accounts in other countries and giving personal information to authorities (China, Thailand etc) which lead to prosecution and imprisonment because they want to keep operating in those countries.

Telling the truth is a very dangerous thing in many countries. They often justify it by saying that they only do it when the law is broken. But laws are made by the rulers. They can make every law, even if it is unjust, stupid or inefficient. If a regime says that for example drinking coffee is forbidden, then everybody who is drinking and promoting coffee is a criminal. Unalienable rights are fundamental rights belonging to every human being, wherever he or she is living.

Why is this important to us? Bismarck, one of the biggest statesmen of the 19th century said once:
“Only a fool learns from his own mistakes. I prefer to learn from the mistakes of others so that i don’t make those mistakes at all.”

So we must not depend on big tech companies and help those who are out to limit our freedom and rights. Use alternatives like duckduckgo, linux and wordpress. Don’t count on Big Tech to protect your rights.

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