Big Food now also a health hazard in developing countries

With the introduction of industrialized food in the second half of the 20th century, a food revolution took place in the western world. Processed food is cheap, easy to store, easy to consume and has a longer shelf life. As it gained popularity it became widely available.

What the public however didn’t know was the quality of the food. Consumers assumed that processed food had the same quality. A fatal assumption. Processed food is packed with unhealthy ingredients like, sugar, fat, preservatives and other unhealthy additives. High in calories and unhealthy ingredients but low in nutrition.

In only a few decades chronic diseases, like diabetes and heart disease, obesity and cancer soared. It took however a very long time till the public realized what was actually causing these epidemics. Finally, the people in western countries are realizing that the food industry is causing these diseases. There is a big shift from unhealthy food (soft drinks and processed foods) to healthy organic fresh food.

New markets

Sales went down and profits fell. As big food corporations like Coca Cola came under pressure, they tried to find new markets. Their solution: dumping the addictive, disease and death causing foods in developing countries. With the help of massive misleading advertising, marketing and (corrupt) local officials the consumption of unhealthy food is rising in developing countries. People there have more money to spend. Because of the admiration of the West, they try to copy the Western lifestyle and food. People do mostly not rationally take a decision but they follow the fashion, they do what others are doing. If (the rich) people in the developed west are consuming this, then it must be good, they are thinking.

First they destroyed the health of many in the west, now they are ravaging other regions. Children and adults are getting unhealthy and obese at an alarming rate. Mothers are even replacing breast milk with infant formula milk, endangering the health and the future of their babies.

We in the west complain about drugs reaching us, from poor countries like Colombia. But at the same the multinationals in the west are deliberately devastating the developing world on a much larger scale, causing thousands of deaths.


How Big Business Got Brazil Hooked on Junk Food

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