North Korea tensions a charade

Following the recent N-Korea tensions is like watching a seventies James Bond movie. The Supreme Leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Kim Jong-un is having great fun with missiles.

But how can he be joyful when N-Korea could go to war with the sole superpower of the world, the USA and face a certain defeat?  The answer is simple: The tensions are orchestrated. We live in a manipulated reality. North Korea is as much a part of the world order as the United States is. The global elite is behind the important events. To be able to do that, the world population has to be divided and not pay attention to the real important developments. Left-right, poor-rich, religious-not religious etc.

Kim and his gang laughing at us

The father of the current dictator, Kim Jong-il, sent his children to Switzerland to an elitist school. Isn’t that strange? A communist dictator sending his children to the “evil” West. Strange as it is, this is actually common for dictators or royals who are under the global elite control. For example, Pol Pot studied also in France. In Switzerland Kim got programmed.

There are strange things about the “official” story. North Korea is a very poor country. They can not even produce enough food. Who gave them the technology for missiles? Why didn’t the US not intervene when North-Korea didn’t have atomic weapons yet? Yes of course, the war on terror is a good excuse ! What can N-Korea gain from tensions?

But what is then the reason for this ridiculous situation? Who gains from this? To know this we have to look at the effects of the “tensions”. There are 4 major consequences:

  1. The arms race. Tensions scare countries. To defend themselves they buy a lot of weapons from the arms industry.
  2. Tensions also make people afraid. When people are afraid they obey authority.
  3. To distract public from the real issues.
  4. To feed the desire for intervention. Especially after the second Iraq war with fake pretenses and Libya, people had become tired with interventions. To increase the support for wars, they first prolonged the war in Syria. As a result thousands died and the refugee crisis in Europe was created. And now many people in Asia end America are now in fear. They are almost begging for the “international community” (read the global elite) to intervene and to save the world.

I’m not saying that there will be definitely no war. But war only will break out when the powerful ones want a war. As long as the public takes the Korea tensions too seriously the global elite will be the big winner.

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